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A laptop tote doesn’t have to be boring black. Choose your favorite fabric and make this adorable bag, complete with an expandable pocket for your charger, a removable strap, and an interior divider to hold a tablet or your Kindle.

Scalloped Laptop Tote - Made By Marzipan

Own an iPad? Put it to good use on long car trips, by sewing Made By Marzipan’s iPad Headrest Holder. Now your kids can watch movies in the backseat, and there will be no fighting over who gets to hold it!

An easy six-step solution: 1. Put shaving cream on your feet. 2. In a bucket or sink, combine equal parts warm water and Listerine. 3. Soak a small hand towel in the solution of water and Listerine. 4. While the shaving cream is still on your feet wrap the wet hand towel around your feet and let it sit for 30 minutes. 5. After 30 minutes, use the towel to rub your feet. Some of the calloused and discolored skin will rub off. 6. Apply a healthy amount of lotion to your feet. You can...

Strawberry, peach, vodka popsickles, oh my.

on 10 mar 2012 i started eating 2-3 spoonfuls of raw unsalted sunflower seeds per day. in four days i have lost 2.25" from my waist. without changing anything else in my diet or activities