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kid art - drawing

thumbnail sketching stage with candy on card stock grid

5th Grade — Emily Jane Valenza

Tessellation Designs from Outside the Lines Lesson Designs on - (34 pages) - Creating a tessellation is a great project for math or art class. This project addresses creativity, polygons, symmetry, reflection, roation, mechanical drawing and more.

Teachers Notebook

This could be good for students to do when they finish their projects early...

Artsonia Art Exhibit :: Abstract/Perspective Rooms: 8th grade

Artsonia Art Exhibit :: Abstract/Perspective Rooms: 8th grade

Fourth grade half self portraits. Art education elementary

Great lesson idea on perspective drawing: Design your own art gallery!

Zilker Elementary Art Class

Mini Matisse: SchoolArts Magazine Aug./Sept. 2014- Drip, Drip, Drop perspective drawing

Pen and Ink Doodle Portraits - Conway High School Art Project

Artwork published by Emaline6