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Polymer-Clay Jewelry How-To

  • Beth Kuykendall

    Wow. Is all this really necessary on PINTEREST???????????????

  • Carrie Schultz

    LOL! I think if I was a multi-millionaire like Martha, I might have time to be a perfect superwoman too!

  • Carrie Schultz

    Or, at least I could pay people to make me look like one!

  • Nichole

    Beth, what exactly are you talking about, my comment or this pin? If it was about my comment, then YES that was necessary, it's a heart felt, HONEST, opinion about someone that i look up to. She truly is an inspiration to me because i might be getting into interior design/cooking, and she's one of the best out there. Shes built an empire and i admire how many avenue's shes branched off into aside cooking.

  • Nichole

    So please, don't be bitter and don't be a debby downer on her page. YOU have no right to say anything to anyone that leaves a nice comment on anyone's page, who do you think you are?

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