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Home Technology

Our editors' picks for waste recycling tips, products made specifically for making your life easier, and much more.

Organizing Bedroom Technology

Organizing Home Technology in Your Bedroom

Organizing Technology in your Kitchen

Organizing Technology in Your Kitchen

Our Favorite Apps for Your Living Room

Our Favorite Apps for Your Living Room

Organizing Technology in your Living Room

Organizing Technology in Your Living Room

Transform a pair of plain window shutters into a great-looking organizer. The result is a fun, functional alternative to standard bulletin boards.

Martha Stewart Retooled Tools

Retooled Tools - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Martha Stewart Touring American Made sponsor @Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, KY.

How to set up and stock a home bar.

How to Set Up and Stock a Home Bar

4 ways to recycle your coffee grinds,

Detox-Friendly Lunch Recipes
  • Lois Waldron

    I tried the coffee body scrub; it makes quite a mess, and the oil doesn't really help when cleaning up.

20 recipes you can make in the microwave. (Trust us, no one will be able to tell!)

Microwave Recipes

50 recipes you can make with a small kitchen appliance. (Pin now for later!)

Small Kitchen Appliance Recipes

Never lose your grip again! This pretty case is also textured to make it easier to hold.

  • Christine Cole

    Thank you, MSL and Intern Taylor! Complimented a girl on this case yesterday, but it was a gift and she didn't know where her sis got it! Yay!

  • Rachel | Beauty Anywhere

    I have this case in pink and while it is definitely eye-catching, the texture actually doesn't make it easier to hold. The material is pretty slick. I wish it would have been a little more rubberized because maybe I wouldn't have dropped it as much.

  • Luciana Blasioli


Martha Stewart Cookies (iPhone, iPad) Bake all of Martha's classic cookie recipes and more with this beautiful and easy-to-navigate app. With gift-worthy cookies and classics like oatmeal raisin and rich chocolate-packed varieties, this app will lead you through Martha's massive cookie recipe archives.

Our Favorite Helpful Kitchen Apps

The Professional Chef (iPhone, iPad) From the kitchens of the Culinary Institute of America, this intricately designed app will lead you through the process of cooking like a gourmet chef. Topics include choosing ingredients, knife techniques, mixing dough and shaping it properly. The world of professional cooking will open to you at the click of a button.

Our Favorite Helpful Kitchen Apps

iGrill Cooking Thermometer Set a target temperature and forget about what's cooking while you enjoy an evening with friends or family. When your dish is done, your iPhone will alert you and you can scoot back to the kitchen to add the finishing touches.

Home Technology Products for Your Kitchen
  • Live to Cook

    Finally Apple makes a product I would actually want to buy LOL

  • Mike Tolbert

    My probes went bad after first use ... not a reliable device.

Quirky Cordies Eliminate desktop mayhem with a tropical-colored Cordie. Almost like a file folder organizer for your cords, it holds and weights every stray wire that comes across your workspace.

Home Technology Products for Your Office

Square Every small business owner, work-from-home employee, and freelancer should operate a Square account. Simplifying the payment process with a portable credit-card swiper and online record keeper, Square collects only 2.75 percent of every transaction in return for streamlined sale and quick service.   Free,

Our Favorite Helpful Home Office Apps

Areaware Alarm Dock

Home Technology Products for Your Bedroom

Nest Learning Thermostat Create a cozy nest with this incredibly-easy-to-install smarty-pants of a thermostat. It learns your heating and cooling home habits, plus helps you to understand how you're using energy and where you can cut back and save.

Home Technology Products for Your Living Room

KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Artisan 5-Quart A classic piece of kitchen equipment, this mixer is indispensable and versatile -- with help from attachments it goes from mixer to pasta maker to ice cream machine in a snap. It's one of Sophistimom blogger Jaime Mormann's can't-live-without appliances for its versatility.

Home Technology Products for Your Kitchen
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Back to Basics Toaster and Egg Poacher This 3-in-1 combo can churn out all the makings for a good breakfast sandwich. This gadget will toast bread, fry an egg, and heat bacon or sausage in a snap.

Home Technology Products for Your Kitchen
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Cuisipro Electronic Yogurt Maker Making your own all-natural yogurt at home couldn't be more foolproof. Use fresh ingredients to create your own flavors or leave it plain for a light, creamy breakfast or snack.

Home Technology Products for Your Kitchen