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How-To make a Hydrangea Wreath and Decorative Tray

Learn how to make Spicy Guacamole Dip

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How to Craft a Holiday Wreath with Coffee Filters (video)

How to Cook with Cast Iron 101 (video)

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How to Decorate Scaredy-Cat Brownies Video - Transform chocolate brownies into adorably spooky treats with peppermint patties and candy eyes.

How to Decorate the Graveyard Pie Video - Decorate ice cream dessert with a dose of creepiness using store-bought sandwich cookies and candy skulls.

How to Cut Pineapple Wedges-- Never buy precut pineapple again! Learn to peel, quarter, core, and slice this popular tropical fruit.

How to Pit an Avocado-- Mess-free pit removal makes it easy to enjoy this favorite creamy green fruit.

How to Seed a Pomegranate-- Gently banging the back of a pomegranate releases the seeds -- and probably some of your stress.

  • Alice

    I cut mine and soak in water and the seeds release themselves and no red juice over EVERYTHING! :)

How to Supreme Citrus-- Expose the ends to easily carve away the peel, then finish things off with a squeeze.

How to Core a Pear-- Use a melon baller to core a whole or halved pear.

How to Core an Apple-- Match your coring methods to suit the tools you have on hand, as well as your plans for the apple.

What’s better than chocolate cake? Double chocolate cake. See Everyday Food editor Sarah Carey make the richest cake imaginable.