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yarn monsters - Cover 3D shape (they used yogurt pots) with cling wrap. Cover with glue and add yarn strips and wiggle eyes. Let dry and remove from forms and cling wrap.

A fun way to graph shapes using household items! use for 3d shapes also thinking that this would be a good idea for the playground. maybe we could have a graph outline painted on the playground?

Using snack food to teach about 3D shapes {freebie set}

Constructing 3D Shapes first-grade-fun

With the Create a Monster HD app, students can create digital monsters…it has symmetry tool and offers a variety of fun shapes and textures

Halloween Matching Pumpkins- symmetry lesson

MATH LINE SYMMETRY~ Students make colorful totem pole displays after practicing this math concept.

Scarecrow craft Math activity - Create a class book

Fun & simple dinosaur activity for kids...could count different shapes, add up the total

5 fun activities using shape blocks.

Free - Students can find the lines of symmetry by cutting out the shapes and folding them in half to form a mirror image. On a fresh coy of the same worksheet, they can now draw in the lines of symmetry that they discovered from the folding activity on the shapes provided.

3D Shapes Movement

Building with 3D shapes

Little Minds at Work: Freebies Day 3 of 5!