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Union Jack ... British Heels I Love ... Iron Fist Jacked Up Platform - Blue

Dress, Dinner 1820s. The neoclassic style was adopted in all forms of decoration after the French Revolution and was upheld during the Napoleonic Wars partly due to Napoleon Bonaparte's (1769-1821) alliance with Greco-Roman principles. In fashion, the style began as children's wear made from fine white cotton, but was adopted by women in the form of a tubular dress with skirts that were gathered under the bust with some fullness over a pad at the back.

Beautiful, gorgeous and trendy jumpers . . . The Brittish term jumper always makes me laugh . . . ;)

Dark-blue The Union Flag Print Loose Tshirt found on Polyvore, lets get a little Brittish, shall we?

That first big High School dance is right around the corner. And it seems once the school year starts, there is a dance every other month. Which means, every other month, students and parents are racking their brains trying to figure out a fun way to ask someone to those dances.

Message in a Bottle-How Tyler asked his prom date to the dance his senior year...very cute and a nice keepsake for the girl.