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Adorable Kitchen Makeover for under $400! | www.classyclutter...

Kitchen Updates for Under $400 and Dining Room Part 2 -

WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS SOONER!? Refrigerator mats made from plastic placemats....great idea.....saves on cleaning the shelves, just pull out and wipe mats clean!!

Decorative Mason Jar

Brilliant!! Tension rod to hang spray bottles.

Lunchbox Cupboard: This is such an easy way of getting the kids to pack their lunches... pick one from each drawer (fruit, granola bars, snacks, desserts, drinks). I love how they can make the choice of what they want but you can give them the healthy options! Great idea, parent chooses what goes in the drawer, but child learns to make their own choice of what to eat.

Clear plastic file boxes to hold frozen bagged foods. (Links to great organizing blog, btw.)

5 tips for kitchen organization