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Kids Science Experiments

Explore science at home! Sign up at to get instructions on experiments and other ideas on playing with science.

Throw a science-themed carnival with these 8 free hands-on activities from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Museum of Science and Industry | Summer Brain Games

Try this twist on a classic carnival game. Experiment with variables as you launch a marble down a ski jump to land in a DIY skeeball target. It's part of MSI's summer science carnival!

Museum of Science and Industry | Week 1: Skeeball

Step right up to our summer science carnival! Be an engineer and design a carnival tent from newspapers as you learn what shapes make structures strong.

Museum of Science and Industry | Week 2: Tent

Turn your backyard into a summer science carnival with fun, hands-on experiments from MSI, like these super bouncy bubbles.

Museum of Science and Industry | Week 3: Bubbles

Rev up the excitement at a backyard summer science carnival with this stomp rocket daredevil!

Museum of Science and Industry | Week 4: Daredevil

Test your strength against gravity with this solar system high striker game. It's one of MSI's summer science carnival activities.

Museum of Science and Industry | Week 5: Striker

Try MSI's summer science carnival activities and have fun while learning. Design and race boats for a lesson in pressure.

Museum of Science and Industry | Week 6: Boats

Throw a science-themed carnival this summer! Build this dunk bucket for a "cool" lesson about the center of mass.

Museum of Science and Industry | Week 7: Dunk

Fun science carnival activities from MSI. Learn about pressure with this water blaster and target.

Museum of Science and Industry | Week 8: Blaster

Make a water wall, and learn how water moves by experimenting with pressure and siphons!

Summer Brain Games is turning your world inside out and upside down with this week's experiment!

Create a Rube Goldberg machine, and learn about simple machines.

Make a tetrahedral kite, and learn about lifting force and balance!

Make a weather station, and explore the physics behind the weather!

Create a skyscraper, and learn about the shapes and engineering that make this architecture possible.

Printable MSI sci-valentines: www.msichicago.or...