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Jo Gomez

Jo Gomez

I am a Registered Nurse & Social Media Strategist, with a flair for food & fashion. #RN #socialmedia

A JetBlue flight with 147 people aboard made an emergency landing at a California airport Thursday after an issue with an engine, the airline said.

Payment information for about 56 million credit cards may have been put at risk in a security breach at Home Depot.

The most dangerous threat the world has ever faced meets a movement whose time has come.

After summer sale on a beautiful CK bag

Katia, from Moldova, was trafficked into sex slavery by an acquaintance, Vlad, who brought her to Turkey on the pretext of helping her procure goods for her business. Read her story.

Griddled-Grilled-Cheese outside in!

Remember Your Heart Blocks in Under 3 Minutes

Remember Insulins in Five Minutes

Fashionable kids

High Protein Snacks with 10 grams or more of protein! @Corey Reece Reece Reece Reece Reece Daniels, check this out!

5 Sure Shot Ways to Write Catchy Headlines [Infographic] image whatmakesagoodheadline


Rick Ross (c) is credited with propelling this sparkling rosé to fame. So if you have any class or self-respect at all, you'll stay away from these poor-man turned rich type imbibements.

WESTJET Scammer Fraud: Several fake WestJet Instagram accounts have recently been set up and are promising free flights or vacations to the first 25,000 followers. This is an Instagram scam to gain followers. The official WestJet Instagram account is called "WestJet" and can be found at ----->>> Phone Scam Alert: If you receive a call indicating that you've won "WestJet points/miles" or are a "preferred customer" hang up.

Rich corn chowder with roasted poblanos, fresh corn, potatoes, onions, stock, and cream.

Dinner @ursarestaurant last night was delicious. Great presentation, great flavors and textures. The drinks were divine too. The bar is where all the action is! The chocolate looking thingy is actually beet infused something or another. Tasted like beets n chocolate. The vegetarian tartare with dehydrated and rehydrated veggies n all kinds of stuff was amazing. #toronto #food #foodporn #foodie #nomnom

Beautiful #Georgian Bay, #Ontario. Us #Toronto city dwellers like to "go to the #cottage" on weekends during the summer. This is what we can see a few hundred miles north of the city.

chocolate bread • the vanilla bean blog