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Jo Gomez

Jo Gomez

I am a Registered Nurse & Social Media Strategist, with a flair for food & fashion. #RN #socialmedia

35 IV Therapy Tips Tricks for Nurses:

Debris from hole in tunnel creates chaos on Toronto subway line Part of #TTC line shut down during morning rush hour.

Hong Kong, as anyone who has lived or worked in the city knows, is simultaneously China, and not China. The people nof HK are screwed!

10 easy lifestyle changes to help you lose weight and get healthy. #fitness #advice from

Cutie pie

Explainer: Shia-Sunni divide and Iraq's deadly sectarian war - The Globe and Mail

Idyllic island: Water Cay, in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, has gone on the market with Sotheby's International for £36m

The guest services manager has been testing rides since 2009 and has described it as his 'dream job'

EXPENSIVE prices charged to tourist in Port of Spain. The Hyatt Regency (second building from the left) charges tourist $354TT for two overdone burgers, fries, and fruit drinks. The Breakfast Shed charges $60TT for a lunch. No real Trini can afford these prices, so just bilk the tourists.

Sunnybrook offers hospital staff a choice: flu shot or mask - the decision is expected to provoke a backlash from the Ontario Nurses’ Association, the union that represents 60,000 nurses.

Stroke Warning Signs and Symptoms. Posting this after losing a colleague this weekend.

A JetBlue flight with 147 people aboard made an emergency landing at a California airport Thursday after an issue with an engine, the airline said.

Payment information for about 56 million credit cards may have been put at risk in a security breach at Home Depot.

The most dangerous threat the world has ever faced meets a movement whose time has come.

After summer sale on a beautiful CK bag

Katia, from Moldova, was trafficked into sex slavery by an acquaintance, Vlad, who brought her to Turkey on the pretext of helping her procure goods for her business. Read her story.

Griddled-Grilled-Cheese outside in!

Remember Your Heart Blocks in Under 3 Minutes

Remember Insulins in Five Minutes