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NPR's resident Fitzgerald aficionado delivers the college seminar we all wish we'd taken. Prepare to see Nick, Zelda and literature's original frenemy, Hemingway, like never before.

A master cartographer of inner landscapes, the prolific Oates returns with a virtuosic collection that moves fluently across a range of characters, settings, and moods. In these 13 stories, she opts for a looser, more expressionistic palette as she gazes grimly, gorgeously, into the crucible of mortality.

Here Be Monsters! is part of a series called The Ratbridge Chronicles, in which whimsical creatures like cabbage heads (exactly what they sound like: things with cabbages for heads) and boxtrolls (exactly what they sound like: trolls who wear boxes) live beneath a dark, creepy city, surfacing to stop a nefarious plot. #booksintomovies

Emily Ratajkowski. The 52nd annual New York Film Festival is in full swing and we've got the best dressed looks here:

"I'm a Little Spider" poem for poetry journal. They can write it and draw a picture of a spider.

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