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Money-Saving Ideas

Tips, ideas, and resources to save more, spend less, and life a frugal life.

Here is a Cooking Magazine Sale EXCLUSIVELY for MSM readers! This sale includes some great cooking magazines at the best prices that I have seen. Magazine also make great gifts so you might consider these for any foodies on your holiday …

Exclusive Cooking Magazine Sale!

Head on over to Early Bird Mom and check out her free Interactive Christmas Budget Calculator.

Free Interactive Christmas Budget Calculator

Sign up with Smiley360 and you can qualify to get to try products for FREE!

Sign Up With Smiley360 & Get To Try Products for FREE!

This $91 Week's Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan

This Week’s $91 Grocery Shopping Trip + Weekly Menu Plan

Woohoo! Aldi is not only named the nation's low-price grocery store for the fourth year in a row, but they have plans to open 650 new stores!!

  • Jenn Szostkiewicz

    My husband just started working there as a store manager, he left Walmart after 20yrs, he is so thankful for the new company, he loves it. It's my number one store.

  • Kitty Yorkshire

    Aldi is great in the UK too.

  • Marilyn Velez

    love shopping there, I get to try out some European foods...

  • Holly Drummond

    Ive been working there for a year and I still am surprised by the quality and prices.

3 Benefits of Using a Household Subscription Service -- plus a GREAT deal on Mrs. Meyer's & other natural products!

Our family has lived on a tight budget for a long time. My husband works for a non-profit ministry and I homeschool both of our children. I have always wanted my children to enjoy the things we couldn’t afford without breaking our budget. This is where the idea of bartering came into play. I may not be able to pay cash for something but I have a few skills I can trade. If you’re interested in bartering, here are 5 things to consider…

5 Things to Remember When Bartering

How to make 6 crockpot soup freezer meals in one hour!

6 Crockpot Soup Freezer Meals in One Hour

This Week’s $130 Grocery Shopping Trip & Menu Plan for 5

This Week’s $130 Grocery Shopping Trip & Menu Plan

Costco Price Comparison List -- this is so helpful!

Costco Price Comparison List

It’s taken me weeks to work up the courage to write this post. But I finally decided the day had come… and I’m going to press publish on this, even if it means that some people don’t understand or are disappointed with me. You see, for years, our family has been known by the fact that we have a really, really low grocery budget. In fact, this site started as an outgrowth of people’s interest in how we’ve kept our grocery budget so, so low...

Why We More Than Doubled Our Grocery Budget

5 Ways to Save on Family Train Travel -- have you ever tried traveling by train?

5 Ways to Save On Family Train Travel

Have you ever thought it was just too much trouble to mess with having an all-cash grocery budget? This post has 6 lessons one family learned from switching to an all-cash grocery budget and how they've discovered that using cash truly makes a big difference!

6 Lessons Learned From An All-Cash Grocery Budget

Gretchen's $40 Grocery Shopping Trip & Weekly Menu Plan

Gretchen’s $40 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan

How did YOU save today? I saved by making my own Pumpkin Pie Spice. I’ve been wanting to make a few different recipes recently that call for Pumpkin Pie Spice. Instead of buying it, I mixed up some of it …

How I Saved Today: Making Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice

All Purpose Homemade Muffin Mix: Replace all store bought muffin mixes in the pouches or boxes and save money! Replace the grocery store with recipes like this to drop your grocery budget, save health by controlling ingredients and make life easier with pre-made mixes too!

Read my completely honest review of Stitch Fix. Come see what my experience was like, what was in my box, and why I decided to send it all back. Yes, I told you it was honest! :)

My Completely Honest Experience With Stitch Fix

If everyday expenses, weekly bills, and monthly payments are taking control of your budget, you don`t want to miss this 31 Days Series to Radically Reduce Your Expenses. This is YOUR chance to finally reach your savings goals. Won`t you join us?

31 Days to Radically Reduce Expenses Intro