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The Master Designer----Jesus!


A supernova remnant 170,000 light years away in one of the Milky Way's galactic neighbours. This image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, shows ambient gas being shocked by the expanding blast wave from the exploding star. Photograph: J Hughes (Rutgers University) and Hubble Heritage team/CXC/SAO/Nasa/ESA

Names of God ~ OT

Home of the Magnificat Meal Movement

This is beautiful♥

Crab Nebula

Nebulas ....The Helix Nebula

Cosmic Nebulas from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory

astronomy, outer space, space, universe, stars, nebulas

EYES AND NEBULAS. We were amazingly created ♥

Humans are pattern-seeking creatures.  Religious people have found divine communications in the strangest places – from an appearance of the Virgin Mary on a cheese sandwich, to the likeness of Jesus on a tortilla. Popular evangelical pastor Louis Giglio has wowed audiences with a sermon based on t

Wow - Louis Giglio and Matt Redman

Worship is simply giving God His breath back-Louie Giglio

Louis Giglio - Indescribeable

Romans 12:12❤😊

Isaiah 26:12

Jewel anemones

Morgan Weistling (1964, American)


Moon on the beach

✯ Aurora Borealis, Milky Way and endless stars, Iceland

Now you see it, now you don't. This is a mirrored tree house in Sweden. The Mirrorcube at Treehotel. Very cool!

Northern Canada, Yuichi Takasaka