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Picasso's Chalkboard

Art Education

This pin is a Crayon Clock. I would have my students help make this clock in the first week of school and continue to use it for the rest of the year.This is acivity is good because it allows students to review telling time but also create a clock that they can take home at the end of the year.

Mondrian windows with tissue paper and black electrical tape, in Katie Brown's art room.

Pendulum Painting. This would be a great science based lesson for EOY. This was always one of my favorite projects in middle school and I still have all my "drawings" now. Great way to tie a lesson in with this and very inexpensive. - Heart-2-Home

Imagination Station: Earth Day! Newspaper Flowers and more...

Collaborative art - this can be a great early finisher project over a few weeks - have circles of different sizes ready to go - students grab one and put it on the tree once finished....

Top 10 Inspiring Quotes for the Art Room

Top 10 Inspiring Quotes for the Art Room | The Art of Ed

Everything I need to know I learned in the art room

A New Bridge: When the Art Teacher is Absent... lessons for the sub!

Old window painted with chalkboard paint. Have kids paint clothes pins to look like themselves. This project sold for $425 at a school auction.

sheet metal wall from air conditioning supply store $35....I didn't have to use a drill to get the sheet metal to stay up, instead I used double sided Duck Tape.  By the way, that stuff is pretty much amazing and knocks the socks off of Teacher Tape. And to keep the black polka-dotted boarder up, I used glue dots and so far it has worked like a charm!

AMAZING!! Automatic Seating Chart Maker. Allows you to enter relationships between students and gives you a happiness percentage based on your preferences. All you have to do is type in your students names and add in the needs and relationships. Awesome!!!

Top Secret Gluing Technique... Incredible FREEBIE!

One of my biggest aha's after teaching awhile. My WARM, COOL AND NEUTRAL paper scrap boxes. So we have a rule about these boxes!! It MUST be a square or rectangle to go back messy cut papers. We simply cut away the messy edge and reuse the paper. I really have very little paper waste. I review this and they really get it!! They stay so nice and clean :) ahh

magazine, beach towel, mini sunscreen, ribbon, treats. Teachers last day of school

making dragonflies using maple seeds and twigs--I love this idea!

Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculpture