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Really enjoy walking around NY. Can't wait to go back and see some more Broadway shows!

I remember the amazing colors in Zion National Park. One of the places I visited on my summer trip with my friend Barry in my early 20's.

Family trip to the Cloisters on Sea Island, Georgia. Can't remember when I've been so uncomfortably hot. Will not go back.

The beaches really ARE pink in Bermuda. Loved renting a scooter and driving on the "wrong" side of the road. Probably won't go again but, can say I've been there!

Went parasailing for the first time at Lake Tahoe. Awesome!

Of course, Disney World Orlando was a must see for my kids growing up. Character breakfasts and 4-D rides were the best!

Loved taking my kids to Universal Studios on a private tour. We got to go to the front of the lines and see the backlots where movies are made. I even got to try on Patch Adams' clown nose when we went to the prop warehouse.

Been to San Francisco a couple of times. Last year, I went with my kids. Had amazing weather and could see the whole city from the top of Twin Peaks. Will return only as a starting point to see other parts of California. Not one of my favorite places.

Monterey, California was ok. A bit touristy. The area around the city was beautiful. Lots of traffic and kinda hard to get around. Will not go back.

Drove up the coast of California with my friend Barry when I was 23. Did it again last year with my son, Nathan. Awesome, memorable drive.

Carmel, California. Went here with Barry Schreier when I was 23. I remember the bluffs and the quaint shops. Hope to return some day.

Visited Hearst Castle with my friend, Barry on our "Out West" trip. Never heard of it before he suggested we stop. Will never forget it. Magnificent!

Venice Beach, California is a great place to people watch. Definitely filled with "creative" folks!

Venice Beach, California - Welcome to Venice Beach Ca

Been here many times. Great tourist trap. Too crowded.

Laguna Beach is great for shopping, dining, and art. The beach itself is only ok.

San Diego is a great city. Been there several times. Love Mission Bay, La Lolla, the zoo and seeing the air craft carriers in the bay. Lots to do here.

Las Vegas many times. Celebrated my mom and dad's 50th here.

Phoenix, Arizona. Have spent a lot of time here training for the small business I started called Attuned Mind. Loved Scottsdale, Camelback Mountain and the Apache Trail scenic drive.

May seem silly but, I thought the Four Corners Monument was soooo cool! It's where the four state lines of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah meet. So, you can touch all four states at the same time!

Visited Mesa Verde on my trip out West. Go to climb up inside the ruins. Don't know if that is still possible today.