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Turn glass bottles (or jars) into oil lamps. Schnapple bottles, and any interesting-shaped jar work best. Remove labels. Drill a hole in the lid then spray paint it, then add a glass wick (instead of letting the wick hang free) fill with odorless, smokeless lamp oil and attach lid to bottle. These also come in handy in the event of a power outage!

DIY candle from an orange. Juct cut off the top, scoop out orange sections, straighten natural "wick", add olive oil, and light. Voila! I added cinammon and cloves to the oil as well. Smells wonderful!

DIY Honey Cough Drops- I would add some apple cider vinegar and maybe some clove oil

Molasses Shampoo Bar 200g olive oil 200g castor oil 250g coconut oil 250g beef tallow 100g walnut oil 380g water 140g lye 6 tbsp blackstrap molasses 20g cinnamon essential oil 10g clove essential oil 10g vanilla essential oil 10g ginger essential oil

Don’t ever buy a box spring again, and never waste the space under your bed. So cool

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Potted Herb Plant printable for gift giving...1 plant, 1 piece of burlap, printable, string, and stake.

Upside down drawer with butcher block over pull out trash bins. genius

Five planks of wood, a few nails and paint