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Sedum, Blue Hill, Stone Barns

Succulent in bloom

IMG_2649 Photo by zchick1836 | Photobucket

Mexican Marigolds for deterring many pests, including deer, when planted at the outer edges of your garden. Burn marigold leaves as a tick repellent or obtain essential oils by steam distillation. Use the marigold plant externally to remove ticks from your skin. Soaps, candles made with marigold are excellent to Repel Fleas Also repels Spiders, Ants and Mosquitoes

Keep slugs off your hostas by putting coffee grounds around them.

Underwatered succulents also stop growing because they aren’t getting the nourishment they need. If your succulent is in it’s growing season and you aren’t seeing new leaves start to form you may be underwatering. The other symptom of overwatered succulents that I’ve noticed is black spots. These look similar to a sunburn and honestly

from lemon seeds. Lemon leaves smell so good.

The Poteet Loft Porch birdcage planter for succulents Cactus helps to detox air in the house... Cute way to decorate with a harsh plant

Winter in the Sonoran desert of Arizona brings the golden richness of ripe fruit on barrel cactus. – Image by Florence McGinn, taken in Tucson, Arizona – Learn more about the wild harvest of Arizona’s desert plants at

Euphorbia atropurpurea w/ Euphorbia canariensis in the background.

Container it yourself, much cheaper. This site tells you exactly which plants work well together.

Jack Frost Brunnera. One of my favorite plants for a shady flower bed. Lots of beautiful blue blooms in late spring & early summer.

curly succulent.... Moraea Tortilis - common name spiral grass. I need a start of this!