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We review this supermarket ready meal that's a bargain option for wild camping, if not the tastiest.

Irresistible wild camping food!

We review the Griliput camping BBQ with some tasty burgers!

The images don't do the Fuizion freeze dried meals any credit. These are proper gourmet meals that you just add water to. You can bulk them up with more 'carbs' as well, making them an exceptionally lightweight and calorie rich option.

Some dehydrated food actually is edible. We're a big fan of the Mountain House Lasagne - even enjoying it as breakfast on a recent trip to Knoydart.

Mountain House dehydrated chicken is one of those ingredients that changes the way you cook on the hill. With a few more ingredients, you can use it to cook a proper meal or use it to bulk up other dehydrated meals.

While not quite Ray Mears, wild camping with a kelly kettle comes close. You only need some twigs, and the fire heats up the water in the walls of the kettle in no time.

Outdoor food may not always be gourmet, sometimes it's just something you can't normally cook on the hill. This is how we got along cooking one of those Fray Bentos pie tins on the mountain!

Rice Pud on the hill - simple and much cheaper than proprietary freeze dried puddings. Taken from our review of the excellent Cicerone book - Moveable Feasts.

Or if you really must have a shot of proper espresso in the morning, then why not try this espresso maker. Some of the best coffee on the mountain, the only complaint being that there isn't enough of it!

Or for the cheapskate, why not try Cowboy or Camping Coffee? All you need is a pot, water and of course some coffee!

How about some proper coffee on the hill? Here's one way of doing it - by using Grower's Cup pouches.

And finally, the LWWF Tikka Masala which didn't make it as far as the mountains on this occasion!

Some LWWF stew on the Nantlle Ridge in Snowdonia.

Can't get much better than some Look What We Found meals on a mountain!

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    These are excellent especially with a bag of ready rice or noodles soaked in it. See ASDA sell them now and not just Aldi.

The world's largest jelly babies, approximately 1200m high according to the map scale.