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This made me laugh way too hard when I finally got it

100 Things 2 Do: Cleaning Before and Afters

Nothing has summed it up as accurately as this post

How I Feel About Teenagers

Hahaha I laughed way to hard at this

35 Terrible Puns To Brighten Your Day

This is the most accurate gif in the history of gifs for the Fangirl/Fanboy. you have to click on it to see it. Omg, XDD

Catholic Pick-Up Lines.


What Keeps Them Together

this was totally me reading Allegiant. Except I didn't show it to my mom because I had waterfalls falling down my cheeks.

Parents Vs Technology :)

Parents Vs Technology

I am dying

What's Whitney Houston's favorite type of coordination?

Hahahahaha too accurate..

SELF Magazine: fitness, nutrition, health and beauty advice

This is the truest pin, to ever pin

  • Chelsea Maureen

    I definitely did this. I was always worried I was having a brain fart or something and I would be wrong.

Definitely need to start using this excuse

"Is Pope Francis named after St. Francis Xavier or St. Francis of Assisi?" "Why not both?"