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A brilliant capture of a praying mantis straddling two budding leaves by Borneo-based photographer Tustel Ico. #Insects #Praying_Mantis #Tustel_Ico

The Millipede That Glows In The Dark by Paul Marek: Millipedes of the genus Motyxia, which live in three counties in California, are bioluminescent, (producing a greenish blue light which can been seen in darkness) and defend themselves by discharging cyanide which they generate internally. Marek et al. have demonstrated that this bioluminescence acts to warn off predators. #Paul_Marek #Millipedes #Bioluminescence

Fennec Fox by The smallest of the canids, weighing about 1.2kg), lives in the Sahara Desert of North Africa. It is characterized by its large ears which are able both to detect sounds of prey as they move underground and to help dissipate heat. #Fennec_Fox