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Things that make you say Hummmm?

Casting with packing tape. First layer sticky side UP, then 3-4 layers sticky side DOWN. Round tip scissors to remove, then tape back together. ~ This is so neat but I think I would loosely wrap the model in Saran Wrap first. Tip: Put baby powder or flour on the model before wrapping and it will slide off so you don't have to cut and re-tape.

Archaeologists determined that the place was a piece of wetland, and a dinosaur went through the place and left its footprints. While accidentally, those huge footprints were covered and protected through so many years and finally became fossils of today.

Artist Hilary Berseth collaborates with honeybees to create intricate sculptures made of beeswax and honey. He builds a template for the shape he wants, places it inside the hive in the Spring, and waits. (And waits.) The outcome is often different than he expects, as the bees riff on his guidelines and add their own input into the process.

REALLY?????? Seven dumbest celebrity quotes ever said…

Seven dumbest celebrity quotes ever said…