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Murphy Stoffelis

Murphy Stoffelis

Butterfly Can Opener... Touch Of Modern

A muffaletta is sandwich that is loaded with a piquant and acerbic chopped "olive salad" that is almost comparable to a caponata + tapenade mix. The salad contains substantial hunks, bits, and pieces of marinated or pickled vegetables, including capers, pepperocinis, pimentos, anchovies, and olives. This is no puny sandwich. The crusty, dense, and chewy bread that encloses a muffaletta is twice the size of a dinner plate from Denny's.

If you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold. - Andrew Lewis

Louisiana Poorboy Sandwich

BMW gets ready to pitch it... “It seemed incongruous for someone to live in a $5 million home and drive a $35,000 Prius instead of a Porsche or Ferrari. But that’s what’s happening.”

These music box business cards, designed by Katharina Hölzl and composed by Ritornell’s Richard Eigner, are the kind of wide-eyed idea that business cards are ripe to exploit. Each card is punctured with various shapes. And when fed through a tiny cranked music box, the card plays its own unique tune.

Magnolia with leaves of leather, but the sweetest smell on earth.

Wonderful treat, a ritual to which I subscribe at least once a month! MMM

Gardenias in blossom, they smell better than this picture.

Midnight sun at Mount Nuolja at the hour 00:15 Peter Rosén

From GreyMatter Upgrades

Northern Lights Lapland, Se Fredrik Broman Visit Sweden

Lingonsill great jams...

Midnight Sun Abisko, Lapland By Anna Schroder

Needs washing!

Nest Thermostat by Nest

  • Murphy Stoffelis

    Expensive but fantastic! Forget programming it; it'll take care of itself. It knows the temperature outside and much more...

  • Deb Zakrowski

    But does it fold clothes and unload the dishwasher?