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The Business Plan for Creatives Infographic - Love an easy top line chart for my creative brain to 'get it'!

Plum District's New Tech Tools Turn Stay-At-Home Moms Into Digital Era Street Teams | Fast Company

Business Basics: Understanding Gross Profit and Gross Profit Margin

What is your website code telling Google for SEO - Rather than discovering what Google thinks about your business, let’s get into what YOU’RE telling Google about your business.

get the most out of meetings and everyday brainstorm sessions.

It’s very hard to build a team unless you’re a terrific leader, and you can’t build a big business unless you have a terrific team - the savvy business wisdom of Barbara Corcoran

Not crazy about the interviewer, but Barbara Corcoran gives valuable business advice

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The advent of digital writing and publishing and the spontaneous democratic practice of social networking has in fact revolutionized the book business, challenged and changed how books are written and published irrevocably and forever, and shifted the balance of power from the commercial book publishers to the author.

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Keeping a blog? Here are 12 ways to promote your most recent post.

Create your own QR code. QR Codes are 2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using smart phones. The code is is converted into an interactive text or link.

50 Creative uses for QR Codes - QR codes are appearing on everything from ads to train stations. As the number of smart phone users continues to grow, QR codes get your message to curious and savvy buyers.