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What if the prince you dreamed of as a little girl existed completely in the persona which is Tom Hiddleston today?

big!! are you dumb?

If you say you don't want Tom Hiddleston to grab you and kiss you like this you're a LIAR.

Jensen Ackles it was hard to choose where to put you sir guys or yummy cuz you are so both!!!

Jensen Ackles

Colin O'Donoghue. Oh yes. I love him.

Colin O'Donoghue - Capt. Hook sooo freaking fine

Sexy. Matthew Gray Gubler ♥

Hiddles rocking the Snake Hips ♥ double gif!

(GIF) Too cute for me.

Sebastian Stan-- "the Mad Hatter" on "Once Upon a Time." Also Bucky Barnes in Captain America 2: The Winter Solider.

Ugggh vests are so nice on guys. Ich schwöre bei Gott, man. My future boyfriend will have to wear at least one vest a week. Fact. Wishlisting it for him lol.

James McAvoy. In a vest. Beating heart. Be still.