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Tom Hiddleston

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Matthew Gray Gubler - From criminal minds. Niccccce :)

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Hiddleston as Henry V. "How canst thou make me satisfaction?" WELL. ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN YOU A THING.

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Damn it. Does he always have to be so freaking adorably charming? Ugh!!!!! No wonder I'm an addict.

Tom Hiddleston

Twitter / BlondeNinja221B: #HappyBirthdayTomHiddleston ...

Tom Hiddleston... Every time I get stressed out writing papers, I tend to take a Hiddles break.

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Oh my gosh...

T Hiddles -

Tom Hiddleston I CAN'T EVEN I MEAN REALLY THOUGH look! He's smiling, but he's welling up with tears! MY FEELS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Yep.Or the day after that,Or the day after that,Or the day after that,Or the day after that......You get the idea.

the perks of being a wallflower. ♥ Such a good movie and an even better book. :)

James McAvoy

BERRY hot men: Sexy eyes (32 photos)

James McAvoy- Saw him first in Narnia... but loooved him in Penelope, Becoming Jane, and X-men: First Class. He has been my favorite the longest!

Writing with Shelly and Chad: Hot Guys in Doublets: Tom LeFroy

Penelope - Penelope and Johnny --> I hate to be a sap, but this is one of my favorite movie kisses

James McAvoy, from the movie Penelope ♥ ♥

mc02 : theBERRY