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Cut out pages from damaged or weeded books to make bookmarks. Dress it up with ribbon. Original site no longer available.

So the teacher makes the overall design then the kids sit at a table and fill it in? Sounds like a great idea for a bulletin board project getting all the kids involved and on display

Place tape on your canvas, then paint away. Once you have finished remove the tape to see fantastic pieces of art.

Recycled cereal boxes are used to make: book marks, embellishments, tags & art. Great examples shown!

Make colored sand art by stirring a chalk stick in a bowl of changes the color. Stir less for light color and more for dark richer color.

CD Scratch Board Art Take any old CD and cover it with a dark colored acrylic paint; let dry for at least a day!!!, then sketch/scratch your design with something sharp; Coat w/ sealer.

blackout poems. i love this idea.

Great for a shy bookclub "Discussion tables. Pick a passage from a book you are reading {read aloud, book club book, etc.} and glue it to the center of bulletin board paper and have the students write their thoughts about the passage"

origami flowers for any occasion

DIY magnets. I do these all the time, so easy and affordable. Works with pictures or craft paper.

This might be a fun teen advisory board project. They could put these together using bookcovers and make the available for the children's section.