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Neat Idea - Barefoot Sandals

Is this something that people would want to buy? Would it sell at a craft festival?

  • Leeann Inspires

    i think it's beautiful! i wonder, though, if it would interfere with the footwear whether it is a strappy sandle or a pair of flats. if it was to be worn bare foot, i'd worry sand or grass may ruin the quality.

  • Michele West

    I've been looking at them - I make jewelry and my husband thinks these are a cool novelty and might be a good seller. Seems like the ones I see online are for brides and beach weddings. There are other less fancy designs for decorative accessories where you might spend time barefoot. Maybe a cruise or the pool. I'm new to Pinterst and I really want to hear input like yours to see if this might be worth making. Thanks!

  • Leeann Inspires

    You are so very welcome - I too am new to Pinterest but I am enjoying the experience thus far. I definitely think that they would be beautiful for beach weddings as long as the sand, etc will not tarnish the metals. Quite beautiful indeed!

  • Rhonda McLachlan

    where can i buy this??

Aqua Barefoot Sandals