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Sam Page...aka Joan's hubby on Mad Men <---- Lord he's beautiful when you don't have to hate him ...

Marlon Brando, A Streetcar Named Desire. <--- The man had his issues, but he was painfully beautiful in this movie. Gah.

Ian Somerhalder <---- Putting this here because it's seriously the first pic of him that doesn't semi to fully creep me out.

THESE TWO. Even if they don't date, do want them to be friends and awwwww over them at events.

be this cute always. <------ #AdorableHobo

Oh, heyyyyyyy #HotHobo. Blue suits you. ♥

I don't REALLY have a crush on Channing. But this pic screams "Come do your patriotic duty and welcome me home," and, well ...

  • Jessica Winkle Barrett

    a;lsdjfsa;ldjf;asljf Do love this pic. And I think you nailed (no pun intended...maybe ;-)) the tag line for this

I don't like being out in the rain. But for this ...

ok ryan, please go to the SAG Awards and the Oscars so we can see you in awesome suits like this, thank you. <---- YES. And make that smirky-face. (In bed. With me. After I take off that suit. What.)