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The Doctor was testing to make sure Rory was still himself inside.

OMG, I DIED. Seriously, another pinner was right-on when she said, "Now that I know who River is and what she means to others, esp. The Doctor, it makes watching her death in "Forest of the Dead" so much more sad." I BAWL... EVERY... TIME now. Seriously, I bawl like a baby.

Only Doctor Who could keep a joke running for 50 years.

Haha! Oh, Skyrim... it can be subtly evil sometimes.

Just another day in Skyrim.

It also says “she won’t answer me”, “I know, I remember”, "In my dream she keeps walking away" and “Perfect Rose” repeated on the left. Tell me he didn’t love her. I dare ya.

Doctor Who wedding dress. That's just a cool dress!

鮮やかな青色がステキすぎるドレス : 普通のドレスじゃ物足りない♡ちょっと個性的なウェディングドレス - NAVER まとめ

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 11 : Scientist

Flower Hour Romper

Flower Hour Romper | Hukkster

Once upon a time, I tried to be normal. But I snapped out of it when the commercial ended and Doctor Who came back on.

Don't know what it is? Lick it.

It's not Doctor Who if David Tennant isn't licking something