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James Ray

James Ray

Full Time Ranker ™

I've always wanted to travel across Europe because... woot


Pinalytics is a social media tool to help you find, track and evaluate content and interactions on Pinterest.

TARDIS corset

Which province has the most credit card debt? How much credit card debt do Canadians have compared to what we think?

The ultimate geek cake. Love the top hat...

How to get more Likes on Facebook

Data about Pinterest is sparse because they’ve been slow to release their API, but I was able to utilize search engine APIs to pull some data about the trendy new social site. I gathered information on over 11,000 pinned images and did some analysis to create the infographic below.

A professionally designed landing page can improve your conversion rates. This post is all about showcasing awesome landing pages, to give you some inspiration for your next design. It’s worth stating that no page is ever perfect – or conversely, every page can be better. With this in mind, we’ll be offering perspective on what makes each page special or interesting, while providing some insight into what we would try out in an A/B test experiment to optimize for higher conversions.

Pinterest Is A Community, Not A Tool These SEOs are failing because they still haven’t realized what every other social network has taught us in the past few years: in order to succeed on a social network, you’ve got to give as much as you try to take.

Pinterest: A Guide for Marketers One of the first things you need to understand about Pinterest is what the heck it is. The site is “A content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their pin board.”

via Pinerly - your Pinterest friendly dashboard:

A Fertile Breakfast

The website feels it might be time for some rules on this. Not just ‘any’ rules though, an actual ‘Bill of Rights’. They made this infographic to explain… What do you think, do we need a social networking Bill of Rights?

Couldn't find how to attribute. Cool picture though.

Hacktivism has hit its tipping point. The year 2011 had the most hacktivism-related crimes in history. Hacktivists use digital tools to breach security systems to protest or take a stand on political issues.

Rand came to Forward. Inbound Marketing for Startups March 2012 - Rand Fishkin Rand Fishkin's talk on "Inbound Marketing for Startups: How to Earn Customers Without Paying."

Salutations Peasants! I’m no longer with you. Leave your respects in the messages section, view my EPIC photos in the photos section & read about my many conquests in memories

RIP Lady G