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How to paper mâché

Apex Elementary Art: Adventures in Paper Mache

More paper mâché hearts

Great chart with comma rules. I'd add that Rule 2 doesn't change even when you follow AP style and omit the final comma in a series. Also, commas almost never go after "and" or "but."

Blackberry Gallette- I love rustic berry desserts!

Holy Cow!: Quinoa and Bean Burger: Great-to-Grill Vegan Recipes. I will never fully give up meat, but this might be another alternative sometimes?

Checklist of places to change or update your address with after you move to a new state

Strawberries and Fresh Mozzarella with Mint Pesto Drizzle

Perfect Lemon Bars

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies by Ree Drummond / The Pioneer Woman, via Flickr

This banana bread brownie recipe is gonna blow your mind! It's SUPER moist, rich and full of flavor. I used a chocolate frosting but I'm sure the browned butter frosting would be amazing. I'll definitely be making this again and again and again. The photo doesn't do it justice, trust me.

Chicken Tartiflette - Chicken, potatoes, cream, spinach, onions, bacon...what's not to like? Gotta love French food!

Tutorial: How to Hem Jeans {And Keep The Original Hem}

Plant a Mosquito Control container so you can sit and unwind in the evenings without dousing in DEET.