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When someone lies on others and paints a picture of themselves as being the victim or innocent in all aspects is the definition of a Narcissist human being also carries the traits of a hypocrite and that type of person will be offended by the truth, but i will say this what is done in the dark will come to light. Time has a way of showing peoples true colors and the honest at heart will always prevail . So be careful what you say and make sure you taste you words before you...

When someone lies on others and paints a picture of themselves...

Prev. Pinner-- I'm not to sure that she actually wrote this but this just makes want to cry anyway. Especially when Lana Del Rey recites it in her music video "National Anthem"

Best Friend Quotes And Sayings | best friend-Friendship Quotes SO true!!

“To love life when you have no stomach for it & everything you've held dear crumbles like burnt paper in your hands, your throat filled with the silt of it. When grief sits with you, heavy as water more fit for gills than lungs; when grief weights you like your own flesh only more of it, an obesity of grief, you think, How can a body withstand this? Then you hold life like a face between your palms & you say, yes, I will take you I will love you, again.” ― Ellen Bass

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