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Hiking Glacier National Park with Road Scholar

In September 2012, we spent six days hiking in Glacier National Park on a Road Scholar Tour. If hiking on the Danny On Trail, driving the Going to the Sun Road and exploring the trails around Many Glacier Trail interest you, be sure to follow this board as we add more pins. Accommodations included The Pines on Big Mountain in Whitefish and Many Glacier Hotel.

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Hiking Glacier National Park with Road Scholar

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Many Glacier Hotel on the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake was our Road Scholar headquarters for great hiking.

This is absolutely true. Another pinner said: "Hiker's Heaven, Lake McDonald Summer Bliss, Glacier Park, Montana by moonjazz, via Flickr" #Montana

Another beautiful photo of Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park... "hike in 2 miles along a charming creek which opens up to this breathtaking view." #Montana

A view of Wild Goose Island. We saw this when hiking Glacier National Park with Road Scholar. #Montana

Hope to do this next time on a visit to Glacier National Park: Peace and tranquility at Lower Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

  • Steff Kukas

    This was my first hike in glacier and it was fantastic!

  • Donna Hull

    It must have been a wonderful hike, Steff. Do you have a favorite Glacier NP hike?

  • Steff Kukas

    Well they're were all amazing as I'm sure you can imagine. I really did enjoy the swift current lake/lake Josephine hike. Grinnel glacier was closed off when I went but it would have been a nice addition. I didn't do any hikes in the lake bowman region but a visit to that lake is also a must. It is the most stunning sight you can imagine. Brought tears to my eyes!

  • Donna Hull

    I've been to Polebridge, but haven't made it down that bumpy road to Bowman Lake. It's on my list!

  • Steff Kukas

    Loved Polebridge, those huckleberry bear claws are to die for! My dad and I travelled those 6mi at dusk. Heading back to Lake McDonald was very suspenseful! Feels better to make the drive in daylight! Did you see any bears on Camas rd? We saw 1, but were told we would see more!

One of many waterfalls along Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. We drove this road when hiking Glacier National Park with Road Scholar. Lovely photo from Hiking With Barry.

Sure wish we had seen a big horn sheep during our hiking Glacier National Park experience. Look what Hiking With Barry saw. Amazing!

Isn't Iceberg Lake beautiful? It wasn't on our itinerary on the Hiking Glacier Park with Road Scholar program. I'm going back to hike this one for sure. Iceberg Lake |

While hiking Glacier National Park, we stopped to take photos at Red Rock Lake, which was on the trail to Bullhead Lake. Look how clear the water is.

While hiking Glacier National park, we followed Trail of the Cedars until the turn off to Avalanche Lake Trail. If you're looking for a hike that's more of a relaxing walk, give Trail of the Cedars a try.

  • Donna Hull

    You are right, Cherie, Glacier NP is gorgeous!

  • Bob Kirk

    Did you get over on the Canadian Side ?

  • Donna Hull

    Not on this trip. Hopefully next time. Staying at the Prince of Wales Lodge in Waterton National Park (the Canadian side of Glacier NP).

  • Bob Kirk

    I posted a picture of that hotel on My board Places I have been to. Enjoy your hiking

  • Donna Hull

    Thanks, Bob!

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Mist on Avalanche Lake gives this photo a dreamy look. We didn't see any mist on the lake while hiking Glacier National Park, but the wind sent shivers down our spines as it swooped down the glaciated mountainside.

The old growth forest is dense and beautiful on the Avalanche Lake Trail. I really enjoyed this hike in Glacier National Park.

We didn't visit Chief Mountain on our Glacier National Park hiking tour. Maybe next time because one hiking trip to Glacier National Park is never enough!

  • Lauren Selleck

    I'm north of you, in the Swan Valley

  • Steff Kukas

    Ya me too! Like I said^^ I'm wanting to take a summer trip to glacier, but I'm going to be on an extremely tight budget, so I need all the help I can get! Accommodation and hikes and etc.

  • Lauren Selleck

    Have you considered doing some overnight backpacking trips across Glacier? There's a fabulous trail that starts up at Logan Pass (across the highway from the parking lot). You can follow it all the way to Bowman Lake. It's roughly a 3-4 day hike (depending how fast you walk). Also, an overnight trip into the Belly River is a Must!

  • Steff Kukas

    I do want to do some overnight back packing. I've never done it before though so that scares me a little! But that's exactly the kind of stuff I want to throw in my trip.

  • My Itchy Travel Feet

    Swan Valley is on our "to explore" list, Lauren.

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I didn't see St Mary Falls while hiking Glacier National Park wit Road Scholar. Hmm, guess that means I need to go back. Works for me!

  • Michele McAlister

    This is a fairly easy hike. We do it just about every June. It's a great hike to do before Going to the Sun Road is open. Continue on the same trail to see the magnificent Virginia Falls. I'm very overweight so If I can do these hikes anyone can!

  • Donna Hull

    Thanks for the tip, Michele. Have added this hike to our to do list.

We met a mother moose on the hike to Bullhead Lake in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park. Since her child was with her, we kept our distance thanks to the advice from our Road Scholar guide.

Read our articles about hiking in Glacier National Park With Road Scholar. And there's more to come.

Learning geology on the trail with Road Scholar in Glacier National Park.

This mountain goat in Glacier National Park was shivering. Find out why: myitchytravelfeet... #Montana @Road Scholar

Red Rock Falls, Glacier National Park. #Montana

There's a view everywhere you look on the hike to Hidden Lake Overlook in Glacier National Park.

  • Barbara Wesoloski

    Beyond our dreams and imagination Good luck new year work health and family love each day with its sectets anf treasures

  • Carol S

    My favorite National Park in the United States followed by Yellowstone National Park. When we hiked to the top to see Hidden Lake we saw several mountain goats just about 10 feet from us grazing. Such an awesome sight.

  • My Itchy Travel Feet

    Yes, Carol S, we saw those same mountain goats. Took lots of fun photos and they didn't seem to mind :-).

  • Maurie McTavish

    This is also our favorite National Park, bar none!! the scenery is fabulous!!!

  • My Itchy Travel Feet

    We agree, Maurie.

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We saw a moose on the trail to Bullhead Lake while hiking with Road Scholar at Glacier National Park.

On today's Road Scholar hike, we stopped for lunch at Grinnell Lake. Man oh man, what a view! #Montana

Hiking to Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park with Road Scholar

Hiking the Danny On Trail in Whitefish, Montana with @Road Scholar.

Our Road Scholar adventure begins. Tomorrow, we'll be hiking Big Mountain in Whitefish, MT. #boomer #travel

A hiking trip to Glacier National Park with Road Scholar takes planning. Read about our preparations and how to keep up with us on the trip.

I hope our Glacier NP hiking experience turns out this great. From the Bend Bulletin. #Montana

How am I training for a @Road ScholarHiking trip? A training hike in Blodgett Canyon. #Montana

We'll be seeing views like this on our Road Scholar hiking tour in Glacier National Park. #Montana

The details of our Glacier National Park hiking tour with Road Scholar: myitchytravelfeet...

Check out the trip details of our Glacier National Park tour with Road Scholar.

Hope we see this on our hiking tour of Glacier National Park!

We'll be hiking the Danny On Trail in Whitefish, #Montana

We'll be traveling on the Going to the Sun Road twice during our Glacier Park hiking tour. #Montana

Will we hiketo Iceberg Lake from Many Glacier Hotel? #Montana

Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, #Montana

Sure hope to see one of these on our Glacier National Park hiking tour.

At Many Glacier, I'll be seeing this view of Swiftcurrent Lake, #Montana

Hope we get to stop by St. Mary Lake on our way to Many Glacier Hotel. #Montana

Can't wait to experience Many Glacier Hotel on our Road Scholar hiking tour, #Montana

I have always wanted to stay at Many Glacier Hotel. It's going to happen when I go hiking at Glacier National Park with Road Scholar!

We're looking forward to seeing this scene again when we hike near Logan's Pass in Glacier National Park, #Montana.

Our Glacier National Park hiking tour begins in Whitefish, #Montana