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This is close to what I want but I want it to be Seb's Handprint with a heart in the middle

Autism, mito, and gene mutation tattoo for my sweet boy!

Celtic symbol for motherhood with Autism puzzle piece

The colored puzzle pieces for Autism Awareness and the Christian fish symbol with the Scripture for our faith in Jesus our Savior.

Baby's birthmark, mom's tattoo. - how original, and adorable!

Sibling tattoo for our littlest brother! He has autism (which is what the puzzle piece represents) and we are both very proud to have this tattoo for him ♥

Tattoo for my family. Puzzle pieces represent my brother having autism and the 4 pieces are colors of mom dad brother and my birthstone.

My moms tattoo, yellow ribbon for my brothers, who are in the army, puzzle pieces for my sister who is autistic, and music notes for me because I'm a musician(: This is so creative!!

tattoo honoring children with autism ♥

30 Digital Autism and Autism tattoo Designs With Meanings

autism, would not do it on me, but I love it!!!! I have the blue puzzle piece with my son's name on it.

Light It Up BLUEEEEEEE autism awareness Tattoo!

I got this tattoo done by @Randy Rosenthal Fisher .❤️ This tattoo is in dedication to all my NON-Verbal autistic children out there that isn't able to speak. Just because a lot of autistic children out there can not speak doesn't mean that they can not hear what your saying. PLEASE! be mindful of what u say in front of a autistic child. They can hear and they understand precisely what u say and they have photographic memory and they don't forget anything. #1in50 #MyLoveForAutism

Absolutely perfect in my Eyes!😍 One of my fellow autism dads got this tattoo in dedication to his autism angel! Love Love this!💉❤️😍 #AutismAwarenessTattoo💉 #PuzzlePiece #Autism #Aspergers #AutismDad #SupportAutism #GoogleAutism #DifferentButNotLess #AutismGenius #Educate #Patience #AutismAngels👼 #1in50 #MyLoveForAutism❤💙💚💛

This proud amazing autism dad got a whole sleeve done in dedication to his autism angel!👼❤️ This is hawttttt!🔥@tat_tunechi u did a great job! Love it!💉👊😍🔥 @tat_tunechi #AutismAwarenessTattoo💉 #Autism #Aspergers #AutismAwarenessSleeve #PuzzlePieces #1in50☝️ #AutismAngels #MyloveForAutism❤️💚💙💛

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