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dandelions and dragonflies: An Oregon Classroom Reveal!

dandelions and dragonflies: An Oregon Classroom Reveal!

Random Acts of Kindness Summer List - fun activity to do with kids over the summer to teach kindness. Printables included (one filled in, one generic for you to fill in).

Random Acts of Kindness Summer List

Inspiration For Moms: Create A Summer Schedule for You and The Kids

Like this paint treatment/color of this boys bedroom...

in re: a pin about documenting text messages, i did this with your facebook comments about baby nicholas for his baby book. time will tell whether i will regret that, but for now, it's fun to read all your memorialized comments.

LEGO Quest Kids -- 51 challenges for kids to do with their legos. Very imaginative idea. Great boredom busters

50 things kids should do before they're 12. (Stephen only needs 6 more!)

Sweet note to tell a curious kid the truth about Santa. Love these parents explanation!

Love this for the summer: Mom puts together lists under five different categories - Oh the Food we will Eat, Oh the Service that can be Done, Oh the Places we will Go, Oh the Crafts we will Make, and Oh the Activities we will Do; every Sunday, as a family, they plan out the week w/activities from the lists.

Yarn and tape a hallway for a "laser obstacle course". That will keep 'em busy for a while. (Anyone know the source of this image?)