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Who gave me permission to bring these kids home?

Realistic Potty Training Chart

There was never just one... daughter...

Movie Rating for Parents (WARNING: A Lot of Nudity)

Forget Man of Steel this is WOMAN of Steel! - Parental Rating Warning!

If my kid turns into a zombie I'm screwed! I have a 27 % chance of survival. You probably wouldn't make it either... @MyRadDad

How I feel whenever I'm going to the airport.

Mission Impossible MyRadDad

Single Guy vs Dad in Car Rides

Pregnancy Lesson for Guys #3 - Sympathy Weight Gain


How to stick it to the man.

My wife made these for hayley's 3rd birthday.

Sleeping Children Know!

This is a warning for all the "Funny Guys" out there who have a pregnant wife.

Sometimes parents just look dumb. That's all there is to it.

  • Nicole Penberthy

    My husband totally does this!! Even when he tried to give me a bite of food!

  • Ashley Fuller

    Haha my kids are 18,15, and 8 and I still make that face when I am sharing a bite with them!

  • MyRadDad

    LOL... So it never stops!?

My wife thinks she is so funny. This little present and note was an April fools joke.

Hey? Wanna be my friend on FB? Yes?… Cool. I want to hang out and talk with cool and funny dads, moms, nuns, parrots, ninjas, sons, daughters and some old folks too.  Because old people that know how to use Facebook are AWESOME. CHUCK NORRIS IS NOT WELCOME! visit

Guys... this is an overview of the pregnant woman. Educate yourself.


A realistic bedtime chart for kids. Follow this and you will be a good parent.