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Wonderful blog, LOTS of inspiration, incorporates several books, MUST FOLLOW UP ON THIS SITE!

Pineapple Paintbrush

organizing yarn. oh how I wish I had read this post years ago. This idea is genius!

DIY yarn machine in preschool

Only...let's not call them mistakes... It's a great way to teach/learn how to solve problems? Classroom Management in the Art Room Tiger Apple Twist

Tiger Apple Twist: Ready? Set. Art Studio!

Maybe this will help with all the no name papers that get turned in.

Nice Rack. | The Art of Ed

classroom management- good use and spin for old prints

Pittsburgh Glamour : Art Classroom: Decorating Your Art Bulletin Boards

Classroom Organization: FREE: Polka dot classroom labels... This had everything I needed

Classroom Freebies Too: Organize Now

Penguins & colorful background -- How cute are these?!?! Not too worried that my 4th graders might find this too young for them. It's so darn cold outside that they'll love decorating a penguin. Good 2 part art project for them.

Penguin Art Project

Math Coach's Corner: Literature Link: Too Much Glue. What a fantastic book to read aloud as you introduce your math journals! Includes a FREE printable your kiddos can put in their journal.

Math Coach's Corner: Literature Link: Too Much Glue

catch up day...can't wait to put this on the big board and get everyone caught up on assignments. Those who are all done can work on contest entries (like doodle 4 google).

Art in the "Ketchup"

You can download a PDF version of our Best Behavior BINGO card!

Best Behavior BINGO: Free Download | The Art of Ed

Art Classroom Rules Poster! Love this! short sweet and to the point!

Search Result: art classroom rules -

The handy infographic below takes a look at why focusing on the skills of half our brain is not enough. It explores the functions of all parts of the brain (however simplified) and gives some insight into how the creative skills can help you a lot.

STEM vs STEAM: A Look At Half-Brain Teaching - Edudemic

art room noise levels poster. Modify for music room? Low flow = chamber group, Out of control = marching band, etc.

Create Art With Me!: Free Posters! A Back-To-School Gift For You!

Create Art With Me!: Free Posters! A Back-To-School Gift For You!

colorful garland in an art classroom elementary art education setting up the room design decor

A Big Step Forward « 1canoe2

Love these posters for the art classroom!!! Let the kids make them on the first few days of class!

The Lost Sock : Artlab Wall of Wisdom

10 Art Secrets Every Parent Should Know - Meri Cherry

10 Art Secrets Every Parent Should Know - Meri Cherry

How Food Affects Children's Behavior. Interesting read!!

Food and Behavior. Are they connected? Watch this and See.

My 2nd graders made these adorable "selfies" for their parents to see at conferences. Needless to say, they were a hit!

This is actually lots of good videos and small lesson plans for art- to check out when I have more time!

Quick Tips and Tricks in the Kiln

3-D art. I used a cardboard box. Rolled construction paper for the crayons.