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Edward Curtis -- Indian Bride

Stunningly beautiful Portrait of Hattie Tom, Native American Chiricahua Apache woman. Photo taken 1899

American Indian Designer - Rocki Gorman

Another beautiful photo of Lenna Geronimo. ca. 1900-07.

Amy Locklear Hertel, of the Lumbee and Coharie tribes of North Carolina, is the director of the American Indian Center at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Zitkala Sa, wrote several works chronicling her struggles in her youth as she was pulled back and forth between the influences of American culture and her Native American heritage. She wrote books in English that brought traditional Native American stories to a widespread white readership. Photographed 1898 by Gertrude Kasebier.

Sacheen Littlefeather, refusing the 1973 Best Actor Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando (The Godfather). Brando was protesting the entertainment industry’s depiction of Native Americans in film and television, as well as what were then the recent events at Wounded Knee.

Culture: Chayla Delorme Maracle, Jingle Dancer at Saddle Lake Powwow. Whenever someone needs healing of their physical, mental, or emotional self, the Jingle Dancers are called upon. Many healings have taken place; therefore, the dance is a respected and revered one. Though frequently utilized for healing ceremonies, the Jingle Dress is also done in competitions nationwide.

Buffy Saint Marie born as Beverly Sainte-Marie February 20, 1941 is a Canadian-American Cree singer-songwriter, musician, composer, visual artist, educator, pacifist, and social activist. She founded the Cradleboard Teaching Project, an educational curriculum devoted to better understanding Native Americans.

Zitkala-Sa with William F. Hanson, co-composed the first American Indian opera, The Sun Dance, which premiered in 1913. She founded the National Council of American Indians in 1926 to lobby for the rights of Native Americans to American citizenship, on which she served as president until her death in 1938.

Irene Bedard - Daughter of an Inupiat Eskimo and a French Canadian/Cree. Born in Alaska in 1967. Eskimo name is Goodiarook, which means "someone who dropped." She was the physical model for the Pocahontas character in the Disney films, and the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney animated film. She went on to play Pocahontas's mother in 2005's "The New World."

Irene Bedard.. Irene’s nickname is Peanut. She has an Eskimo name, Goodiarook, which means “someone who dropped.”

Irene Bedard ~ speaking voice and physical model for Disney princess, POCAHONTAS...

Irene Bedard

Irene Bedard (voice and likeness of Pocahontas)

Irene Bedard | ... Mundos (1995) > Irene Bedard - imagens: divulgação / Getty Images

Irene Bedard in 1995, as host of "The Making of Pocahontas", found on Disc 2 of the 10th Anniversary Edition.

Irene Bedard and series kids [Nakotah Larance - Christian Baste - Alex Youvella and Brandon Sanderson]

Irene Bedard rocking the 90s flannel "smoke signals"

Irene Bedard | Drawing: Irene Bedard by Floyd Muad'Dib, via ... | NATIVE AMERICAN WO ...

Irene Bedard - Native American Actress

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    Hi Myrtle, I believe this is Salli Richardson. She played Allison Blake on the SyFy channel show Eureka.

American Indian Soldiers by TradingCardsNPS, via Flickr.