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Get your car organized! Contact me for current patterns as this one is discontinued.

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I think a smaller version is available on E-bay.Slim Bag-in-Bag: The most inconvenient part about being a geek is the sheer number of gadgets and tech essentials that we carry around every day. Thankfully there's the Slim Bag-in-Bag ($29), which converts your favorite tote into an instant gadget carry-all when you need it. Adding utility to just about any fancy purse? We'll take it!

Best of 2012: GeekSugar's Must-Have Picks of the Year

Recipe for Organization Have a pile of cookbooks gathering dust? Scan and print the one or two recipes you use the most often, then donate the book. Same goes for recipes in magazines. Tear out the relevant pages, then recycle the rest. Put the pages into clear plastic pockets in a three-ring binder. You've just made yourself a customized cookbook with plenty of room to grow.

Hair dryer and straightener holder. Make it from home! 1 PVC pipe joint. Your choice of paint and design. I chose chevron with a pinstripe. Great for keeping your bathroom or vanity organized and looking adorable!

Keep your nightly essentials right on hand with this Bedside Storage Caddy available in natural denier. This organizer holds reading material and more.

100+ Ideas to Help Organize Your Home and Your Life... This is the mother load!!! :) wow

Gift wrap organization idea for the hall closet. I need to do this.. right now they are all stuffed in the basement closet.