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I didn't know of this madness.

Dr. Watson's Worm Syrup, c.1890

Quackery: A Brief History of Quack Medicines & Peddlers

Browned Butter Peaches and Cream Pops - Mrs. Penguin

An aerial view of a group of round barrows and a long barrow at Winterbourne Stoke. Barrows are mounds of earth covering prehistoric tombs. The earliest barrow on this site dates from circa 2100 BCE.

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Human fossils hint at new species The bones, which represent at least five individuals, have been dated to between 11,500 and 14,500 years ago. In general, the individuals had rounded brain cases with prominent brow ridges. Their skull bones were quite thick. Their faces were quite short and flat and tucked under the brain, and they had broad noses.

Human fossils hint at new species

Phoenician glass head pendants, ca. 6th-3rd century BCE

Phoenician light green fused glass face pendant, ca. 400-200 BCE

Phoenician fused glass face pendant, 400-200 BCE

'Extraordinary' Mayan Frieze Discovered Among Ancient Ruins The high-relief stucco sculpture, which measures 26 feet by 6 feet (8 meters by 2 meters), includes three main characters wearing rich ornaments of quetzal feathers and jade sitting on the heads of monsters.

'Extraordinary' Mayan Frieze Discovered Among Ancient Ruins

"You could see a human footprint like this today on any beach or patch of mud. But this footprint -- clearly from the anatomy of a modern human being -- is fossilized in stone estimated to be about 290 million years old."

Ancient Footprint - Ancient Artifacts

Egyptian Cat Mummy | 332 BCE | The Louvre

History of Art: cats in art

Archaeologists’ Stunning Find: Ancient Treasure Trove at Temple Mount Is a ‘Once in a Lifetime Discovery’

Ruinas de San Ignacio

Road sign in Skagway Alaska.

Lake Taupo Carvings, New Zealand

Lake Taupo Carvings, New Zealand | Incredible Pics

Our list of 30 books about Paris includes Time Was Soft There: A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare & Co. by Jeremy Mercer.

Scandinavian egg coffee.This is very old-fashioned way to make coffee.The clarifying effect of the egg white helps the coffee to sparkle!

Scandinavian Egg Coffee