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Titanic memorial

rare titanic pictures

From the personal collection of Phil Gowan Published: 04/11/2012 4:43:41 KATIE GILNAGH (Third class) This photo of Katie Gilnagh (seated) and her sister Mary Boshell was taken after Gilnagh survived the sinking of the Titanic. Katie's mother in Ireland would not believe that Katie survived unless she saw a photo of her with Mary (who was already living in New York City). So the sisters had this photo made to prove to their mother that Katie had indeed survived.

Titanic 1st Class Bedroom

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    it used to be the second, someone pinned

Hand carved mahogany clock on the staircase.

Recovered Cherub Figure from the Titanic: This cherub was recovered from the wreckage. (Photo Credit: Todd Gipstein; RMS Titanic, Inc./CORBIS)

Madeline inherited from her husband the income from a five million dollar trust fun and the use of his home on fifth Ave, and in the Newport so long as she did not marry. In August 1912 she gave birth to a son with whom she was pregnant on the Titanic and she named him after her husband, John Jacob Astor.

On April 10, 1912, Millvina Dean boarded Titanic in third class with her parents and older brother. Her father, Bertram Dean, perished with the ship. Tiny Millvina was lowered into a lifeboat and was rescued along with her mother and brother. Arriving in New York City with nothing but the clothes on their backs, they were soon greeted by charitable New Yorkers who gave them a small wicker suitcase filled with donated clothing to help rebuild their lives.

Titanic dish for the first class known as the: Gothic Arch

Titanic artifact

Onyx necklace on the Titanic reported stolen

Necklace from the Titanic ... Very Stunning!

A glass makeup pot recovered from the Titanic wreck - with the makeup still intact!

Launch of the Titanic

Titanic survivors approach the rescue ship, the Carpathia on April 15, 1912.

1st Officer William Murdoch (Feb 28, 1873, - April 15, 1912)

proof Jack and Rose could have both fit on that wooden plank!

A light projection of the Titanic on a 500 meter long iceberg in the Northern Polar area of Greenland, during the night of 13 April 2012.

Light show projects image of Titanic onto giant iceberg

Dorothy Gibson, a first-class passenger, was a model and one of the first movie stars. She survived the disaster to appear in the first film about the sinking. Of course, she played herself. Her life after Titanic, was not without incident. A Nazi sympathizer and spy, she switched allegiance and ended up jailed as an anti-fascist agitator in Italy, in 1944. She died of a heart attack at the age of 56 in 1946, in her apartment in the Paris Ritz.

100 years...

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This is believed to be the iceberg that sank the Titanic on April 14-15, 1912. The photograph was taken from the deck of the Western Union Cable Ship, Mackay Bennett, commanded by Captain DeCarteret. The Mackay Bennett was one of the first ships to reach the scene of the Titanic disaster. According to Captain DeCarteret, this was the only berg at the scene of the sinking when he arrived. It was assumed, therefore, that it was responsible for the sea tragedy.(United States Coast Guard)

Roberta Elizabeth Mary Maioni (known as "Cissy") was a maid traveling 1st class on the Titanic with her employer, Countess Lucy Rothes. Roberta fell in love with steward who was working on the ship. On the night of the sinking, he gave her his life jacket, helped her into a lifeboat and pressed his official White Star liner badge into her hand, before going down with the ship. The real Jack & Rose?

The Titanic section of the Fairview cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 328 bodies recovered from the Atlantic were buried in three separate cemeteries in Halifax. Fairview contains the largest number of those who were given a final resting place.