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You can usually find the freshest produce if you eat what's naturally ripe during each season! Cool List!! Click through to follow #MyVeganJournal on facebook ♥

A Tale of Two Barbecues ~ How to have an "extinction~free" bbq! Show's how the traditional bbq causes destruction to our environment and wildlife, and gives awesome alternatives! #MyVeganJournal

A Tale of Two Barbecues

For the BEST taste, don't refrigerate: ♥ 1. Tomatoes, ♥ 2. Melon, ♥ 3. Potatoes, ♥ 4. Onion, ♥ 5. Garlic, ♥ 6. Fresh Picked Apples, ♥ 7. Fresh Berries, & ♥ 8. Stone Fruit (apricots, peaches, etc.) #MyVeganJournal

44 Vegan Lunch Ideas! YUM!! #MyVeganJournal

44 Vegan Lunch Ideas!

9 Vegan Protein Bars #MyVeganJournal

9 Vegan Protein Bars for Your PETA Pack Workouts

FREE Digital Copy of VegNews Magazine! August 2014! Peruvian dishes! Vegan weddings! Yummy desserts including ice cream and pies! Animal sanctuaries! 5 ingredient vegan meals! and more! #MyVeganJournal

Vegan Coupons | My Vegan Journal

DIY: Spa water to the rescue! #MyVeganJournal

Spa Water to the Rescue! Aaaahhh…

Organic cucumber slices with a sprinkle of Tajin! Super easy vegan snack! If you don't have Tajin, just mix chili powder with sea salt & lime juice! Great on mangoes too! For more inspiration & ideas, click on photo and it will take you to #MyVeganJournal on Facebook!

Take a look!! this is what the folks at Forks Over Knives had for lunch today! Do you see what's missing??! FISH! It's really easy to "veganize" sushi... Dip it in a mix of soy sauce & wasabi and... WOW!! Deeelicious! #MyVeganJournal

44 Vegan Lunch Ideas! #MyVeganJournal

44 Vegan Lunch Ideas!

60 Scrumptious Vegan Cooking Ideas! If you're looking for some inspiration, here it is!! #MyVeganJournal

60 Yummy Vegan Cooking Ideas!

Hearty Homemade Bean & Veggie Soup by #MyVeganJournal. Packed with Protein & Vitamins! Easy & Delicious! Click on photo for details on the MVJ facebook page ♥

Great tips on how to NOT be a junk food vegan #MyVeganJournal

How to NOT be a “Junk Food” Vegan

Here's how you stuff Cabbage Rolls! You can use lentils, onions & garlic as a filling, or any other legumes or grains you enjoy... like quinoa! Top with a marinara sauce & season to taste! ♥ #MyVeganJournal www.myveganjourna...

Vegan Cabbage Rolls