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Orangutans in Indonesia have lost 1/2 of their rainforests where they live. FYI...orangutans and humans have 97% of their dna in common.

Flying Fox...these babies are on the list because of habitat destruction, droughts and floods and being killed by people. Atrocious!

The Northern White Rhino is extinct in the wild and only 7 are in captivity. Poachers kill for their horns with very high trade value, thought of as aphrodisiacs, and loss of habitat. Extinct in the wild..unbelievable!

Little baby amur leopard...can you believe only 30 are left in our world? :(

Photos Prove Nearly Extinct Sumatran Rhino Is Still Alive. They haven't been sighted for 26 years. There are less than 200 left in the world because of poachers and the logging industry destroying half of their habit. Shame on them!

Baby Chinchilla!! They are very endangered for what else?Their fur.

Hector dolphins are the world's most endangered dolphins. Efforts are being made in New Zealand, but it's not enough. It takes 9 years for a dolphin to mature, and then only giving birth to one every few years. Reason? Mankind, of course.

Baby and mama-My favorite critters >>beautiful!!

Baby red panda..they're endangered because of HUNTING and loss of habitat.

manatees, endangerment could be prevented...major cause are boats.

baby bongo..almost gone

baby Francois Langur monkey...loss of habitat and hunting

How rare is this cat ? The International Species Information Service lists 217 worldwide, with 108 being in the U.S.

Endangered ocelot baby

Endangered Animal

Once found throughout the Iperian Steppe, but now critically endangered, the Fennec hare relies on its acute auditory sense to evade predators and detect its favored prey, the D. carota beetle.