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Stained Glass Jell-o - Church PotLuck Salad or Dessert THIS IS SOOOO EASY! And the spectacular presentation is the hook for a delicious tasting treat. The new NEON colors and Bold flavors of Jell-o will make this EASY Dish stand out among a table full. The individual cubes are suspended in creamy sweetened milk gelatin... Sweet, Boldly flavored and DELICIOUS... Oh and EASY EASY EASY!

strawberry champagne jello shots

Recipe for Mango Yogurt Peach and Grape Jelly - Whatever your choice, this dessert will always look neat, glossy, and colorful. You might be surprised how little ingredients it requires.

Vodka Red Bull Jello Shots Recipe. Your favorite jello shot, now with a boozy boost!

Upside Down Pineapple Cake Jello Shots...1 cup canned pineapple juice, 1 tablespoon sugar (optional), 1.5 packets Knox unflavored gelatin, 1 cup cake flavored vodka (or whipped vodka or vanilla), Maraschino cherries, Pineapple...

Mezcla 1paquete d gelatina c/sabor con 1/2 paquete d gelatina sin sabor. Agrega 1 taza d agua hirviendo. Revuelve para disolver. Enfría a temperatura ambiente y vierte en 1 cacerola. Refrigera durante 15 min. Mezcla la lata d leche condensada con 1 taza de agua hirviendo. En 1 tazón pequeño, espolvorea 2 paquetes d gelatina sin sabor en 1/2 taza d agua fría. Deja reposar unos minutos y luego agrega 1/2 taza d agua hirviendo para disolver la gelatina. Añade a la mezcla d leche y revuelve.*repite

Flowers in jello!, gelatina con flores

Handmade Gelatinas

Gelatina de leche con piña

Drain juice from a can of Sliced Pineapple, replace with jello made with 1/2 of the water required on pkg. Chill until set. Run hot water on can sides & bottom to loosen. Cut bottom from can to punch mold out. Cut between pineapple slices & serve.

Gelatina de Fruta!