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Tacky Christmas Party�so presh

Atleast she has somewhere to hange her phone

These boys are sexy and they know it, so the real question becomes: who wears it better? Do you like Mr. Pretty-In-Pink or are you partial to the g-string diva dude? Sound off below!

Talking so much that it’s somehow convenient to have your phone holster on your head? I guess it’s not hard to figure out how your got your Mouthy Bi’atch nickname.

Ummm Luscious, you seem to be having a severe allergic reaction to your awful tattoo! Don’t worry, I swell up like a bastard when I get stung by a bee, just get some Benadryl.

And the award for longest cleavage goes to….Seriously though, boobs are supposed to stick out. So if you can pull your shirt down to your knees and still not flash anyone, how ’bout we cover up those deflated balloons and just go back to yearning for the good ol’ days when they had some perk.