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Good Baptism Talk: The 3 Bears of Baptism... Bear His name, Bear your testimony, Bear one another's burdens - form The Blackham Bunch

This is another LDS pin that ROCKS! - Our Latter-Day Hymns: The Stories and the Messages / mormonfavorites.c...

Fun LDS Object Lesson. Also on blog is 16 FHE lesson ideas

Holy Ghost Talk (good for baptisms)

16 Major Historic General Conference Announcements + Videos

Awesome book about the meaning of Easter! And its a print-your-own so you can have it immediately! Teaches about the Atonement, Resurrecti...

We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. 1st Article of Faith

How to explain the Apostasy and Restoration to Others - Object lesson and handout

Pinning this because her blog has some awesome ideas for 2013 Sharing Time lessons

Insert (Middle page) of the conference edition Ensign with General Authorities pictures and names, scissors, packing tape (to laminate), 1 piece scrapbook paper and clothes pins. Great way to learn their names.

FHE in a Jar Fantastic ideas for those with younger kids for quick fun lessons if you forget to plan one, or if you are like me and like quick and easy.

Q & A with Elder Bednar (5 New Videos)

FHE Great object lesson on forgiveness using salt, pepper and a plastic spoon..... Used for sharing time and family home evening lesson on atonement. Worked great.

Modales en el Micrófono | Preparándonos para la Presentación de la Primaria

ex is trying to memorize his Articles Of Faith and because that book had some extra space, I created a wordsearch with the keywords. I made them to print at Costco as a 4x6 so that we could easily slide them into the book and memorize during sacrament meeting. He cant really circle the found words however, he can search for them over and over each week concentrating on the one hes memorizing.

7 Mormon Messages videos your kids will love

Bishopric snacks for those long days at the office...."Must-Stash" Service Project for YW activity

No more awkward silences: 8 tips to get your class to participate in meaningful gospel discussions