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July GIVEAWAY. Combined with freebies from doTERRA and from me...this is a great deal!

What a fantastic chart to help understand how to use doTerra Essential Oils. I love lavender, lemon and peppermint for allergy relief without any side effects!!! Feel free to message me with any questions! #SynergisticHealthSolutions .org

Summer Series: DIY Sunscreen

Summer Series: Natural Bug Repellent

Summer Series: Removing a Splinter with Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oil Common Uses - the oils that I use so far are amazingly effective. Deep Blue before and/or after physical activity is better for me than any rub I have tried, including Tiger Balm, and since I no longer take ADD meds, In Tune is helpful in keeping my concentration.

BIGGEST Essential Oil GIVEAWAY yet! Only in May!!

Did you know you can use essential oils to get crayon off of your walls? I had no idea! Great tips and tricks with oils on this website!! #essentialoils

Natural Shower, Mildew and Mold Cleaner

Chart of which essential oils to use to repel insects. @brenda jean

Natural Remedies and Preventing Group B Strep

Essential Oils in My Labor & Delivery Kit

Free Wild Orange Essential Oil in the month of October!

Giveaway! Win 2 Lifefactory Flip Cap Glass Bottles :)

Essential Oils During Pregnancy | He Saw That it Was Good

Smart Health Talk Most Important for Health: Toxic Diet - Understand where your food comes from. You put in your body. Cannot trust everything you eat is safe. Over 80,000 chemicals approved for food and no idea what happens when you mix them together. Getting massive amounts of toxic pesticides designed to kill on food, in air, water after millions & millions of tons dropped on our soils that are now DEAD. How do you get life from dead soil? #1 cause birth defects

3 ALL NATURAL cleaning recipes you will absolutely LOVE!! So excited to not use chemicals in my house anymore!

Top Carrier Oils for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.