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Persian Food

Zolbia & Bamieh is the name for these two sweet fried dough Pastries. More Iranian food for Oscar nominated Argo!

Ghormeh Sabzi is made with Lamb, although here in America everyone uses beef. (I use Lamb shoulder and lamb for stew)

Ghormeh Sabzi Recipe

Salad Olivieh (aka Salade Olivier) Persian Potato Salad I add calamata olives along with all the other ingredients

khoresht bamieh is okra stew, I use lamb for stews in this dish served over Polo (persian rice)

Gheymeh (split yellow beans) This bean & rice dish I serve with baked Lamb Shank

Khoresht Gheymeh Recipe

Estamboli Polo There is one Toasted Potatoe slice there. These very thin sliced potatoes go on the bottom of the pot while everything is steaming.

Estamboli Polo Recipe

This is Zeytoon Parvardeh a Persian Olive, Pomegranate and Walnut Salad one of my favorites....

Ash Reshteh I like this presentation!

Mashhad Daily Photo: Ash Reshteh

Ajile is a Fruit and Nut mixture, If you are a Persian-Jew as I am,this is always in our homes. ( just in case someone comes by) Enjoy!

Poolaki is a Persian Caramel Hard Candy Served I like to serve with Afternoon Tea along with other Goodies....