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My Husbands... Yes, I have many!!

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I freakin love it! BRANTLEY GILBERT.

MOTHER OF GENES!!!! Top left is Chris Hemsworth and the right is Liam Hemsworth. Mmmm, what I wouldnt do to get with CHRIS HEMSWORTH. My kind of man with his body, and face, and VOICE Mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

Mother of genes

Lol that's funny

Funny Pictures - 41 Pics

This was too funny not to pin

Josh Hutcherson looks so much better with dark hair. Sorry Peeta.

Bernardo Velasco... I don't know who you are sir. But I would like to be your wife and make babies with you.

Taylor Lautner. Better in a suit.

Luke Guldan oh hey

magic mike! magic mike! Ummm are you serious....holy shit