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pretty nails

Navy blue nails - This fashion

gorgeous patriotic nails

Happy 4th of July - Trends & Style

DIY Brush Cleaner ~ I will never buy brush cleaner again.

Kelly Osbourne- if I thought for even just a second I could pull off purple hair, I absolutely would do it. For now, I'll just admire Kelly's.

Recipe for Sephora's Glam Glow mud mask. Freaking yes


Best secret to super smooth legs: shave, then use an olive oil/sugar scrub, shave again ... It will get off dead skin you didn't realize was even there.

Homemade shampoo from baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse!... this actually works wonders! I love it and there's no yucky smell at all. it gets all products out of your hair with one wash and rinse. cheap and easy :-)

A Whispy Wonderland of Tresses. |

Have you ever noticed those flaky patches on your skin, especially your nose? ...DIY Fix Mix together 2tbs of Sugar, 1tbs of Honey and 1tsp of Olive Oil. This mixture removes all the dead skin with the sugar, and the honey and olive oil will nourish your skin to the fullest, no matter the skin type. Just be careful to scrub gently

Wedding Hairstyles for the Southern Bride


*Psychobilly: May 2012

Put this on your legs & bikini area when you get out of the shower after shaving & it prevents razor bumps, makes your skin soft & moisturized, & also kept me from having to shave the next day! Best thing ever especially during swimsuit season.

THIS STUFF WORKS WONDERS: coffee-sugar scrub helps remove cellulite and makes skin irresistibly soft! Just 2 cups of ground coffee, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, and 2 tbsp of olive oil Click on pinned image to watch how it's done step by step.