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Nicole Farabee

Nicole Farabee

i <3 to laugh, be barefoot, hang with my girl friends to drink wine. minnesota, sunshine, & my husbands smile. i'm on here to pin what i love! happy pinning :)

hahahaha oh my god

  • Brittany Westerdahl

    This, sadly, is amazing advice!

  • Connie Dawson

    89% of the people I went to high school with have at least one kid already and are married... and I'm over here like "look how cute my dogs are!"

  • Brittany Westerdahl

    My mom told me "don't get married till your 25", I didn't believe her until now!

  • Nicole Farabee

    everyone i went to high school with are pregnant and have kids and Axel and I are like "hey we are having sex with the door open!" HAHAHAHAHA seriously. ya can't do that when you have kids, amiright? hahahaha

One reason you wish you still had a teacher telling you what to do.

Fairview Cemetery near Greensburg, Kansas. The sexton had to replace the glass after the Greensburg tornado. Local Legend has it that when the glass broke the doll WALKED OUT, wandered aimlessly for miles, BOUGHT SOUVENIRS AT BETO JUNCTION, and returned just in time for the grave repair. If you go to this grave at midnight on a full moon and say "Baby Doll" 3 times you will either be given a BETO junction souvenir, or eaten by Wild Prairie Children. BEWARE!!

Hilary Duff. Love her. The one Disney star that didn't go crazy

For all my girls who got epidurals...rock on!