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Ugly Christmas Sweater. OR, I'm thinking great in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all the marathons, mam techs, etc!!

HAHAHA. I'm going to be the creepy one walking around whispering "Christo" into everyone's ears over their shoulders.

  • Jordyn Riou

    I saw this GENIUS post where someone said that if they were a hunter hey would introduce themselves as like "Elizabeth Christo" so it sounds casual and stuff but they could immediately tell who's a demon. Like, think of all the episodes that could've been over in five minutes if the boys did that.

  • Jordyn Riou

    Also holy water squirt guns

  • Jordyn Riou

    And recording the exorcism on the phone so the demon can't mess them up

  • Jordyn Riou


  • Jordyn Riou

    But the Christo one is definitely my favourite

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